Sampler: scuzzphut vst plugins - Phutboyslim 1.4 / Pc / Free

Scuzzphut updates the FREE inline sampler Phutboyslim to version 1.4. The plugin for Windows samples it's audio input and plays back tempo-synced chunks.

  • Forward, reverse and toggle playback modes
  • Automatic synchronisation of GUI trigger (to the nearest 1/4 or 1/16th of a bar)


  • select any number of beats from 1-16
  • sub-divisions down to 1/64th
  • "quick-select" keys on the turntable
  • midi support - trigger playback and change beat count via midi note

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"It is designed to be inserted in the master output fx rack and functions by constantly sampling the last "x" beats of the input signal. When it receives a midi note, it constantly plays back that buffer until the midi note is released, at which point the source material is allowed through again. Think of the stuttering samples in a typical fatboy slim tune and you'll have a good idea of what phutboyslim can do for you." Via