Synthesizer: BTC Audio - Valsier

BTC Audio introduces Valsier - Bass Synth VSTi for Windows.

Valsier is capable of creating basslines suitable for a wide range of electronic music.
Price: £25.00
The standalone version is available completely free.

"The two multi-stage graphical envelopes (one for amplitude, the other for the second filter) as well as the step sequenced filter LFO allow you to create wildly varying sounds with plenty of dynamic." Via


  1. Anonymous23:27

    lame synthmaker stuff

  2. Anonymous10:49

    this "lame synthmaker stuff" totally rules,the sound is huge and monstrous.this makes my woofers go woosh by just adding some slight distortion.dont expect to get some smooth silky pad's or van halen's jump sound over here :)name one "+100€ prof synth"that can beat this!even when this lacks for lfo routings,i am serieusly considering buying this and hope there will be updates cause this will overrule the likes of massive& albino!!!


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