Synthesizer: EastWest - Quantum Leap Forbidden Planet

EASTWEST unveils Quantum Leap Forbidden Planet - an interesting sample based synth collection of more than 1,000 presets which allows users to combine, morph, process and modulate sample-based sounds in any way they desire. Perfect for my Ambient desire :)

Geared towards film, TV and game composers as well as electronica, gothic punk, industrial and ambient composers, Forbidden Planet gives users the best of both the analog and digital worlds. The collection are based on sampled analog waves, modulators and sampled filters recorded through a custom Neve 8078 console and vintage Fairchild 670 compressors. For added variety and flexibility, Forbidden Planet offers parallel programs using the unprocessed analog waves and all of the digital filters, modulators and fx.

Using the new convolution technology, Q-Fusion, users can create sonic combinations such as a electric cello that is modulated by an electrical disturbance or a theremin that morphs into an ethnic vocalist. Forbidden Planet also features Riptide, a wave sequencer that incorporates real acoustic waveforms, unusual custom sound design elements, as well as sampled analog waveforms. The 3-dimensional audio image can be controlled using the collection’s Q-Space function. Musicians can expand their sound options by selecting the type of analog filter model used.

The collection also has built-in multi-effects including the new “Déjà Vu” effects processor. “Déjà Vu” is a self-contained multi-fx sampling engine. To control rhythmic, glitched and melodic waveforms, Forbidden Planet also comes equipped with a serious hi-fi time and pitch machine.

No infomation of price are available yet.

"Forbidden Planets sounds are crafted by Nick Phoenix using the extensive range of EASTWEST/QUANTUM LEAP samples as raw material. Additional presets are provided by Troels Follman and other leading producers." Via


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    Looks interesting, sounds interesting. Hm.

  2. Yes. I wonder what the price will be.


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