Synthesizer: Vember Audio - Surge 1.5

Vember Audio launches version 1.5 of their synthesizer Surge. Changes in this version are:

The new filters in version 1.5 are capable of self-oscillation and can sound anywhere between clean to dirty depending on how hard they're driven. The previous  filters are  still available using the subtypes button which provide a broad sonic palette. A 4-pole  band-pass filter has also been added, bringing the selection of types/subtypes up to 27.
Oscillator: FM2
This new oscillator uses 2->1 operator configuration and provides a quick way to generate harmonic sounds which are instantly useful in a musical context. It has a set of parameters designed to achieve this particular goal, providing an interesting alternative to FM3 which is the weapon of choice for 'scraping paint of walls'.
Oscillator: Window
This oscillator type combines a primary wavetable with a secondary “window” waveform which together provides a wealth of interesting formant-shifting and cross-modulation options.
This new setting is a serial filter-block configuration where everything is in stereo.
A 20-band stereo-carrier vocoder has been added to the effect section.
The freely assignable controllers can now be named. They can also have their values edited directly in the GUI as well as automated by the hosting application.
More efficient
Through careful optimization in key elements of the DSP code using SSE/Altivec instructions the CPU-usage has been reduced by a significant amount. Memory usage has also been decreased.
Other changes:
- Larger FM depth range
- Tooltip fixes
- Touch-automation fix
- It wasn't previously possible to de-click the gate of the last step in the stepsequencer
- Sinus waveshaper is called Sine
- Level-meters of bypassed effects are cleared
- No "useless divider" in the right-click menu of some sound categories anymore
- Added check that the wavetables are loaded correctly in case of a broken installation
- Updated manual
- Added character parameter
- Added more patches
- Increased tidiness
- Oscillator detuning settable as an absolute value (by toggle on the sliders context menu)
- "Force integer" toggle removed. It has been replaced by holding down the ctrl modifier-key while dragging a slider.
- Multi toggle switches no longer jump when outside their area
- Audio input now works when surge is used as an AudioUnit
- Various bug & crash-fixes

Surge costs 135 € (EU) / 150 $ (non-EU).
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"Surge is an instrument capable of generating truly beautiful sequences of numbers. Your ears will agree with us." Via