Tracker: Renoise 1.9.1 Beta

A new Beta version of the cool Tracker software Renoise has been released.
Version 1.9.1 has these changes:

+- Added a "Draw Mode" and to the Sample Editor to draw new tiny waves
by hand, or to retouch existing waveforms. A simple "Create Sample"
option was added as well, so that you can create new hand-drawn samples.
+- Easier Drag and Drop in the Pattern Editor: You no longer have
to hold the mouse button down a bit, before you can drag a selection
in the Pattern Editor to move or copy it.
+- Added "Clear Muted Tracks/Columns" actions (shortcuts + context menu
entries) to the Pattern Editor and Sequencer. This can be especially
useful as an "arranging" aid in the Sequencer.
+- Added a "Record Dry" switch to the Sample Editors recorder, which
allows you to preview the to be recorded signal wet (depending on the
selected Track FX), but enforces to record the dry signal (without FX).
+- rescanning the folder & file contents in the DiskBrowser should be
a bit faster now
+- added an info button to VST / LADSPA FX, which will show you some
details about the loaded plugin
>- fixed: problems CPU detection with some newer AMD multicore processors.
Renoise could sometimes recognize those as single core CPUs with some
energy saving settings enabled
>- fixed: The 2nd Pattern Editor "Delete" keyboard shortcut has
not removed FX values, but just Notes
>- fixed: VST FX On/Off automation could cause unwanted delays when
rendering songs to disk
>- fixed: very high pitched backwards or ping-pong sample loops sometimes
didn't played back correctly
>- fixed: The Mac "Jack-insert" VST should now work properly in Renoise
>- fixed: OSX Leopard: Hitting/releasing the Command or Control key
while Caps-Lock was on could produce unwanted Note-Off events
>- fixed: VST plugins which are listed as FX but are VST instruments, will
now automatically be "fixed" (listed correctly) after you've instantiated
them and restarted Renoise
>- fixed: import of ImpulseTracker songs skipped IT Note-off/Note-cut
pattern events
>- fixed: import of Fasttracker XM songs could lead to invalid sequencer
loop ranges
>- fixed: Instrument envelopes in Fasttracker XM and ImpulseTracker IT
songs are now correctly imported

Read more about Renoise here.
Price: 49.99 euro
The demo version is fully functional, with the following exceptions:

  • no ASIO support
  • rendering to .WAV is disabled


"Renoise has a unique bottom-up approach to music making. With its vertical timeline and streamlined interface, Renoise lets you have direct control over the composition." Via