VST Host: Nassen Software Development - Matryx 1.1.6

Nassen Software Development, updates the modular rack-based VST-Host Matryx to version 1.1.6.

  • Timestretch audio-clips
  • Automatable insert fx's
  • Import of Midifiles by drag 'n drop on SQ4²
  • New bezier mode [HIRES]
  • Drag auto-clips into BEZ² panels + [Shift] to edit
  • Better Phrase recording
  • Better Drag/Drop of Midi-Clips into SQ4²
  • A lot of bugfixes

Read more about Matryx here.


"You can step sequence, pattern sequence and lineair sequence. Matryx has a 16 channel mixer. Every rack can hold up to 8 inserts. Matryx runs stand-alone with Asio/MME drivers or as a Rewire slave." Via