DAW: Cockos - REAPER 2.100 / Pc / Pro / Free

Cockos releases REAPER version 2.100. Changes in this version of the great Digital Audio Workstation is:

  • preliminary per-take FX support (no automation, limited FX support, but usable)
  • action to send all keyboard input to Virtual MIDI Keyboard (ESC cancels it)
  • action to open per-take FX for selected item (default binding is Shift+E)
  • option to always show "[fx]" on media item takes (prefs/media)
  • item quantize: option to quantize end and adjust playrate
  • pitchshifter/timestretcher instances are now pooled to use less RAM
  • better item edge adjustment behavior when adjusting edit point
  • new action: duplicate active take
  • when removing item loop section, better preservation of start offset
  • opening a item loop section in sound forge now selects the source of the loop
  • action/menu item to toggle looping of item media
  • alt+click of track fx button removes all fx for track
  • alt+click of take fx button removes take fx, drag&drop for take fx button
  • JS: fixed serializing configuration saving in certain actions (offline, drag&drop)
  • better internal versioning of RPP-UNDO files
  • bonus update: reverb/delay tails for item fx (2000ms default)
  • bonus update: fixed item take menus

REAPER is uncrippled unexpiring shareware.
Price: From $50.00 USD
Read more about Reaper here.
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"Tool-less mouse interface -- spend less time clicking. Drag and drop files to instantly import them into a project. Support for mixing any combination of file type/samplerate/bit depth on each track" Via