DAW: Zynewave - Podium 1.98

Zynewave updates the DAW - Podium to version 1.98. Changes are:

  • The menus have been rearranged. The top line of the window now has buttons for the global Project, Setup and Help menus. The editors have buttons for File, Edit and View menus.
  • Replaced the old mixer View and Rows menu buttons with a menu button at the top left corner of the mixer.
  • Lowered the minimum height limit for the toolbars. The toolbar controls have been redesigned to scale according to the toolbar height.
  • Using the mousewheel while holding the control key over an editor toolbar will resize the toolbar.
  • The "save project as template" command shows a dialog where the name of the template can be entered.
  • Added "delete project template" submenu to the project menu.
  • When a new project has been created using the project start page a message box appears asking if you want to save the project as a template for future new projects. Finally the "new arrangement properties" dialog now automatically pops up as the final step in the project creation.
  • The project creation date and time is added as the first line in the stickie note of new projects.
  • The power button in the transport toolbar will pulsate when not activated.
  • The buttons in the velocity region of piano roll and drum map editors will align horizontally or vertically depending on the dragged region size.
  • Added a channel select button to the channel headers in the sound editor. This button replaces the previous behaviour where clicking anywhere on the channel header would toggle the channel. Shift+clicking the button will select the channel and deselect all other channels.
  • Added "pop up project stickie note after loading project" and "activate power when opening arrangement editor" options to the preferences dialog. These options are on by default.
  • Added "timeline fill", "timeline text", "plugin editor", "bounce" and "solo" settings to the colors setup dialog. The default setup is now using a darker shade for the timeline area.
  • The default setup has been updated with various changes to the editor profiles including a slimmer edit toolbar layout. The default color theme has also been updated.
  • Updated the design of the splash screen and the icons for the Podium application and .pod documents. Included hires 256x256 Windows Vista images in the icons.
  • Fix: zPitch muted its output when changing between mono/stereo/surround IO mappings.
  • Price: 90 dollar
    Read more about Podium here.


    "Podium offers a unique hierarchic mixing engine that integrates audio recording, VST plugins and external MIDI and audio gear. Configuration of plugins and external hardware are encapsulated in an object based project structure, which hides the technical complexities when you want to focus on musical inspiration." Via