Effect: VertexDSP - FaderWorks 1.2

VertexDSP updates the gain and latency plugin FaderWorks to version 1.2. Useful audio plugin. Maybe too expensive though.
Changes in this update are:


• New GUI engine with faster response to user interaction, especially for connected volume faders.

• The fader handle can now be grabbed without automatic snapping to the mouse position.

• Performance improvements, especially for the latency mode.

Bug Fixes

• The latency value was always marked as red when opening the GUI.

• Group offset volume changes were not sent to all instances (AU version only).

• Compatibility issues with systems running Mac OS X 10.3.

• Minor bug fixes.


  • Volume control with logically connected instances for flexible mixing of audio tracks, enhanced by solo/mute and bypass functionality.
  • Assignments of instances to groups for efficient handling.
  • 128 instances at maximum.
  • 32 groups.
  • Mute/bypass for all instances.
  • Solo/mute/bypass for every group.
  • Solo/mute/bypass for all instances within a group.
  • Bypass for the current instance without affecting other instances.
  • Group volume offset, switchable for every instance.
  • Individual volume offset for every instance, switchable.
  • Connection matrix for defining dependencies between different instances/groups.
  • 2 connection types:
    • Crossfade with adjustable crossover level.
    • Multiply & offset with positive and negative multiplication factors.
  • Connections in the matrix can be combined in serial and in parallel.
  • Moving any fader belonging to a connection automatically updates all other connected faders.
  • Connection matrix available from every instance.
  • Detailed control of volume adjustments using the fader, selectable modes are:
    • Volume for calculation in the connection matrix.
    • Group offset.
    • Individual offset.
    • Sum of the levels mentioned above.
  • Latency compensation with cross-instance options, suitable for multitrack environments and selected groups of audio tracks.
  • Parameter automation for volume levels and level switches.
  • Reading and writing of automation switchable from every instance.
  • VST 2.4 compatible.
  • Support for native 64 bit processing (VST only).
  • All sample rates supported.

Price: USD 129.00

"FaderWorks is an audio plug-in for multi-instance gain and latency adjustment. The main idea behind FaderWorks is to provide an additional layer of control and flexibility to a mixing environment." Via