Plugin: Jonathan Schmid-Burgk - Harmony Improvisator

Jonathan Schmid-Burgk releases Harmony Improvisator - VSTi plugin for Windows. For harmonic improvisation and composition.
Some of the features:

  • Perfect harmonic improvisation.
  • Composing with the rules of classic harmonic theory without previous knowledge.
  • Complex cadences suitable for all styles of music.
  • Improvisation mode for active live performance.
  • Visualization of chords depending on their musical function and on a virtual keyboard.
  • Compatibility with most VST hosting sequencers.
  • Critical saving of time when creating harmonic frames for songs, soundtracks and arrangements.
With Improvisator it is easy to create meaningful harmonic progressions and incorporate them into a project of any style.
Price: 79.00 Euro.


"The Improvisator Plugin knows the mathematical logic and rules of harmonic theory. A composer no longer has to learn functions and rules by heart to create a classically correct piece of music. It directly offers technically correct alternatives to proceed and makes clever suggestions. No more manual calculating of complicated voicings so the composer can fully concentrate on the creative part of his work." Via


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    how do you use this thing?!?!?...Ron Eversley.


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