Plugin: The Outhouse - Inerthia Compressor 1.66

The Outhouse releases Inerthia version 1.66. Inerthia is a Compressor VST plugin for Windows.

1: Latency free.
2: Fast Attack time from 0 ms
3: Fast Release with PDR (Program Dependent Release)
4: Variable knee from Soft through Linear to Hard.
5: A Lowcut filter and Hicut filter with Q knobs
6: A vintage styled SClip (softclip)
7: A very broad Bandpass Side-chain
8: A mix parameter to mix the dry signal with the compressed.
9: A input gain Trim to adjust for low gain signals or to modify the fixed Threshold (-30dB)
10: Works at Sample Rate.
11: Two oldstyle VUs that can be set in 3 ways to display different things.
12: A variable Peakmeter that displays Input, Gain Reduction and Output.

Changes in this version are:

• Serious optimizations to make it load much faster.
• Changed the routings a bit so that it doesnt clip when input trim is pushed to hard.
• Changed the High Cut filter so that it doesnt dist when input is to loud.
• Changed the attack time from max 100 ms to 300 ms.
• Changed the Peak meters so that it can display down to -60dB instead of -40dB
• Added a new function to reset knobs to default position by double clicking on the knob.
• Corrected some bug so that fine adjust knobs by pressing your right mousekey while still holding down the left mousekey and
dragging, now works.
• Many more small bug fixes and tweaks.

Price: USD 133.00
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"Inerthia is a compressor plug-in for the Pc VST format." Via