Sequencer: Angry Red Planet - Temper 1.2.1 / Pc / Pro / Free

Angry Red Planet releases version 1.2.1 of the great unexpiring trialware sequencer / DAW - Temper. Here are the huge changelist:

  • The Notes inspector (available when two or more notes are selected in the track editor) now has an expansion knob for the Start time section, letting you either shift times for all notes or apply a shape that can be used for stretching and warping.
  • In the track editor, arrow keys will now step through events.
  • Added sync options: MIDI Clock+SPP/MTC/MMC, all available from the Sync section of a MIDI output FX. Also added tutorials on slaving Ableton Live or Reaper to Temper (click on the "?" help in the Sync section, follow the links).
  • Added new option to note decor, Overlaps Filter, so that you can create note decor shapes that don't generate events, but just modify other note decors. Also reworked the menu a little. See docs:
  • Added ability to display selected FX parameters in the mixer. When in the mixer, click on a track name to open the inspector. In the Parameters section is a simple control for adding and removing any parameter in any FX in the track.
  • New Punch in/out button next to the looping button. Now punching during record only happens when this button is enabled.
  • New preference (Setup->Behaviour->New controllers have flat ramp): When set, all controllers created in the controller strips use a flat ramp, instead of the default linear.
  • Added Lock parameter to the VST patch randomizer.
  • Added new menu item Edit->Paste to New Take.
  • Added ability for MIDI inputs to receive on all channels, this is now the default for new MIDI In FX.
  • Change: Input/Output FX now default to displaying just the icon, instead of a label. They can still be labeled by explicitly setting one in the inspector. Also added new generic "Keyboard 1" device, a way to provide MIDI keyboard devices with an identifiable icon.
  • Change: Mixer now groups things by track, with a filter button to control displaying the input, pre-phrase, and output audio levels of each track.
  • Fix: You can now click and drag key changes to move them. The drag is governed by the current song grid, i.e. you can drag by measures, beats or ticks. Also made various little tweaks to the ruler: Improved the drawing, shortened the key names so you can manipulate them more easily now that they're draggable, but also added tool tips so you can get the full key name when necessary.
  • Fix: There's now visual indication when FX are bypassed (they're grayed out).
  • Fix: Various bugs when importing an .squ file on an existing song.
  • Fix: The search field in the FX browser wasn't autoscrolling to keep data in view.
  • Fix: Bug in track editor where clicking the button while you were already holding down the button wouldn't clean up the previous tool operation.
  • Fix: Upon loading a song, the song position was always displayed at 0 in the phrases area, even if the ruler showed it at a different time.
  • Fix: Cleanup on the Controller inspector Ramp parameter, including adding the Ramp parameter to the Controllers inspector for setting the ramp on multiple controllers.
  • Fix: Various time/tempo displays are now kept in sync with the current tempo value.
  • Fix: Crashing bug that could happen when adding a second decor.
  • Fix: Audio device FX were not disappearing when the audio device changed.
  • Fix: If you used punch-in recording on an audio track, it was always creating the phrase at the start of the punch-in point, even when starting the song during or after the punch range.
  • Fix: Recording to an audio track was always creating a phrase, even if you had a punch-in point and the song was stopped before it was reached.
  • Fix: Sometimes punch-in audio recording wasn't recording anything.
  • Fix: Removing a VST with an open edit window would leave the window open.
  • Fix: Bug where sometimes the song position arrow wasn't following along to the actual current song position during playback.
  • Fix: Bug where changing the gain on an audio meter would not update the same gain displayed elsewhere.
  • Fix: Make things a little easier if you skip VST setup during the initial setup by placing a Setup VSTs... menu item in the Add MIDI Track menu and providing a button for adding the default path.
  • Fix: The startup wizard was running with each launch if there were no user settings at all.
  • Fix: Crashing bug when cutting audio phrase.
  • Fix: Some audio causing distortion on some audio interfaces.
  • Fix: MIDI outputs are now only opened as needed; this fixes a bug that could cause hitching with some audio interfaces, which don't like to run when the MS software synth is opening.
  • Fix: BPM editor, grabbing existing tempos was fiddly, often creating new ones.
  • Fix: Audio track record state was left on even when there was no input.
  • Fix: Bug where Line tool had a default shape.
  • Fix: MIDI device assignments were broken.
  • Fix: MIDI FX were incorrectly claiming the studio had separate devices per channel.

Temper is currently available for an introductory price of $50
Read more about Temper here.
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