Synthesizer: KarmaFX Synth Modular 1.01

KarmaFX updates Synth Modular -  Analog Modular Synthesizer to version 1.01.
Here are the changes:

  • Double clicking on module captions now minimizes/maximizes them.
  • Patch can now be changed by clicking directly on the control panel display.
  • Bugfix: Online update version-check was unfortunatly flawed. Fixed, but fresh install is required!
  • Bugfix: Control events were not properly filtered, causing e.g., modulators to sometimes wrongly retrigger in legato mode. Fixed.
  • Bugfix: Online update could not update skin dll's due to access permissions. Fixed so they can be updated in future releases.
  • Bugfix: Minimize/Maximize module could cause clicks in output since v1.00 RC4. Fixed.
  • Bugfix: In Cantabile: Changing patch with GUI closed and then reopening the GUI would reload the last patch set inside the GUI. Fixed.
  • Bugfix: Sampler's SF2 Soundfont import would not always read loop-points. Fixed.
  • Bugfix: Crash fix for when loading a non-existing patch from a user-edited bank.
  • Bugfix: Fix for crash when having more than 20 user waveforms in the Additive module.
  • Bugfix: Imported waveforms in the Additive module were not always saved. Fixed.
  • Bugfix: Changing module type would not always reset internal module state. Fixed.
  • Bugfix: Vowel 1 and 2 were incorrectly named Vowel A and B in the GUI's wave display. Fixed.
  • Bugfix: When renaming a control, a dash '-' would show up as a 'z'. Skins have been updated to fix this.
  • Bugfix: Uninstaller was not included in the registered version v1.00 due to a technical issue. Resolved.
  • Manual has been updated. Did some minor changes and added bookmarks.
  • Demo version now expires after the 30-day evaluation period.
  • Patch saving in the Demo version is now disabled.

  • Price: 98  dollar
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    "Advanced Simulated Analog Modular Synthesizer and Effect Unit" Via