Bass Synthesizer: G-Sonique - Alien303 1.1

G-Sonique updates the Bass Synthesizer Alien303 to version 1.1 Changes:

- fixed possible problems with preset manager in some host applications
- added midi CC numbers to the main parameters
- added module which adjust the automation more smoothly (in the case of the fast knob's change)
- some minor improvements in the GUI (graphical user interface)
- better symmetry of the knob pointer
- new midi converter for better communication between the host application and Alien303
- added new algorithm for VNT saw and Pulse oscilator!

Price 14 euro
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"Another boring imitation of the classic 303 sound? No way! The Alien 303 is the ultimate synthesizer primarily aimed to generate the psytrance basslines easily which were always so hard to create and fine-tune using the traditional synthesizers." Via