DAW: Cockos - REAPER 2.106 / Pc / Pro / Free

Cockos unveils a new version of their great digital audio workstation, Reaper. Changes in version 2.106 are:

  • fixed bug in click source properties volume sliders
  • VST: program changes now update program list
  • configurable text colors for selected/unselected track panels
  • fixed RAM overuse when disk cant keep up with recording
  • pitch shifters are no longer pooled for ReaTune/ReaVoice/ReaPitch, to prevent certain resetting bugs
  • pasting multiple items now uses position/snap offset of first item for timing
  • reaverb: width/pan controls for wet mix
  • reaverb: file list in "file" reader so you can easily browse impulses
  • reaverb: bypass states for impulse generation, better undo notifications

Price: From $50.00 USD
Read more about Reaper here.
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REAPER is uncrippled unexpiring shareware.


"REAPER is reasonably priced Windows software for multitrack audio production." Via