DAW: Cockos - REAPER v2.107 / Pc /Free

Cockos releases version 2.107 of their great digital audio workstation, Reaper. Changes:

  • fixed render stems when master track is set to more than 2ch
  • using alt+drag to stretch items now snaps the playrate to 1.0
  • actions (ctrl+shift+l/r) to move cursor to nearby grid divisions
  • reaverb: stereo width control is now pre-reverb wet
  • reaverb: trim/gain/stretch now has width and pan controls
  • reaverb: ZL switch for uber-high-cpu but low latency mode
  • reaverb: faster performance with mono inputs or mono impulses
  • flac: upgraded to flac 1.2.1, switched to high performance disk reads/writes
  • better file updating logic when saving (so plugins that crash a save will leave the main project file intact)

Price: From $50.00 USD
Read more about Reaper here.
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REAPER is uncrippled unexpiring shareware.


"Tightly coded - installer is just over 3MB" Via