Effect: Virsyn - Reflect 1.4

VirSyn updates the algorithmic reverb plugin Reflect to version 1.4.

The new version includes a new algorithm for position sensitive early reflection patterns 
which improves the localization of separately positioned sound sources. The new built in 
channel mixer improves REFLECT's usability in the production workflow. 
What's new:
- Position sensitive early reflections. 
- Surround channel mixer. 
- Mac/Digital Performer: reverb tail no longer mutes on stop. 
Reflect Users will be notified automatically about the update and where to download. 

Price: 169.- EURO
Read more about Reflect here.


"The early reflections are the most important clue for the human ear to get a feeling about the dimension and character of a room. Most algorithmic reverbs offer a number of different algorithms to simulate different natural rooms like chamber, halls or artificial ones like plates. REFLECT uses impulse responses from real acoustic spaces and classical reverb algorithms to emulate their acoustical properties." Via