Instrument: MeldaProduction software - MDrummer and MDrummer S / Pc / Free


MeldaProduction launches MDrummer and the totally FREE MDrummer Small, a Virtual Drummer for Windows.

Some of the Features:

# VST plugin & standalone application
# Free drum VST plugin - MDrummer S is a totally free MDrummer edition
# Updates and packages free for life
# Incredibly universal sound system lets you tweek the sound providing the most advanced tools - plugin based sound generators
# Drumset generator and merger can be used to generate almost unlimited number of original drumsets in a few clicks
# Rhythm system (MRS)
# Plays groove, automatically puts fills and just works like a real drummer
# Rhythm generator creates the entire rhythm containing groove and hundreds of fills, intros and outros from just one groove base loop
# Save your own resources and organize them in folders for quick access in any project
# Huge library of resources is included

Freeware versions of MDrummer (MDrummer S), have just been released. Commercial versions will follow in may 2008.

"MeldaProduction finally developed total drum solution - MDrummer is a highly sophisticated (not-only) percussive instrument engine which extends features of all existing products on the market together." Via


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