Plugin: Blue Cat Audio - Blue Cat's Digital Peak Meter Pro 3

 Blue Cat's Digital Peak Meter Pro (by svartling)

Blue Cat Audio unveils version 3 of the audio analysis tool, Digital Peak Meter Pro.

# Digital peak & RMS vu-meter.
# Total control over the metering characteristics.
# Bob Katz's K-System scales support (K-12 / K-14 / K-20)
# Instant, average and maximum audio levels.
# Stereo or mid-side analysis.
# Control in real time any MIDI-compatible plug-in or external MIDI device with the RMS or peak envelope of the signal thanks to the plugin's MIDI CC output. See the Tutorials section for more examples.
# Record the output parameters (peak, RMS value, transformed envelopes, clip etc.) as automation curves.
# Manage the shape of the output envelope: record reversed envelope, change amount of signal, and offset the generated envelope. This lets you use the DPMP for side chain ducking, compression and much more.
# Advanced signal monitoring with envelopes real time display.
# Easy 'stereoness' and phase cancelation measurement.
# Opacity control for the user interface.
# Undo/Redo.
# Import/Export presets and share them between the directX and VST versions.

Price: 41.65 EUR
You can read more about the older version 2 here.

"The metering capabilities of the new DPMP let you control and monitor your audio signal exactly the way you want: almost every aspect of the meters can be customized. It now proposes five different scales, including Bob Katz's very popular K-System scales (K-12, K-14 and K-16). The graphs let you see the evolution of the audio envelopes over time, and the mid-side switch lets you verify mono compatibility problems and check the "stereoness" of your audio sources very easily." Via