Sampler: Clear Complex - Transistor


Clear Complex announces Transistor, a new slicer/sampler plugin for Windows.

o 16 step sequencer for modulating effects
o 7 effects with a total of 9* controls
o Each control has 4 patterns with each 4 subpatterns with seperate startpositions and lengths
o Each subpattern is triggered by a MIDI-note you choose
o Automatable global controls for modulating the pattern


o Realtime slicer/sampler
o Level
o Pan
o Distortion
o Lowpass filter (seperate control for cutoff and resonance*)
o Highpass filter (seperate control for cutoff and resonance*)
o Reversing

Price: 89 euro/129 dollar


"Transistor is a slicer/sampler plug-in to create fills from drumparts or to recreate loops or entire mixes and apply various effects to modulate the sound. Transistor got 7 effects with 9 controllers with each 4 patterns and each 4 subpatterns.All done in sync with the host and in realtime. You got total control on which MIDI-note to assign to trigger a subpattern. You can hold notes for returning later for each effect separately. Transistor is very inspirational in de studio en great for live performance. You will get complex results with clear controls." Via