Sequencer: Sagan Technology - Metro v6.4.3 Pre-Release

Sagan Technology launches Metro v6.4.3 Pre-Release. Changes:

New to this version: 6.4.3

      • Real Time Arpeggiator has been completely rewritten and placed in the keyboard window with a huge feature set including:
            • Multiple arpeggiation patterns
            • Multiple methods; up, down, updownedges, chords and diatonic chords
            • Octaves control
            • Sync control
            • Swing control
            • Steps control
            • Pattern UI area with 16 X 3 steps, each with quick independent control over transpose, velocity and duration via popup.
            • Latching
            • Initialize pattern
            • Randomize pattern
            • Shuffle pattern
            • load and save presets
            • copy and paste
            • Transpose up and down
            • remote control of Arp parameters.
            • works with all soft synth plugs and external MIDI.
            • now available for free for Metro SE and Metro LX users.• The entire remote control window and functionality is now available for free for Metro SE and Metro LX users, including built-in preset support for Tranzport, Alphatrack, Axiom and more. If anyone adds support for other devices please send us the preset to share with everyone.
      • Smarter about what is shown below a MIDI/Audio track when in controller view.
      • Time signatures are retained.
      • Keyboard window position and Arpeggiator data stored in documents.
      • Improved Leopard (OS X version 10.5) compatibility.

Fixed in this version:

      • Dragging files to Metro while a modal dialog was active could have caused some problems.
      • The new feature of default outputs implemented in caused several problems. When a track insert MIDI plug-in was assigned it may have been difficult to add a synth to a new track. Pasting was not correctly assigning outputs in certain cases.
      • It was possible that the graphic editor track selection popup would default to a track that did not exist.
      • If no MIDI devices are selected on startup a MIDI Setup dialog is displayed. This now occurs later in the startup cycle.
      • A possible crash relating to offline plug-in processing has been corrected.
      • The position and order of windows are restored correctly upon document load.
      • A problem whereby weird things could occur when trying to automate a aux pan knob.
      • Inserting time into a frozen track was not working correctly.
      • A crash was occurring trying to parse some audio files when a QuickTime version less than 7.0 was installed.
      • Rhythm Explorer was not generating data using the selected time signature in some cases.
      • Importing an audio file with no other tracks, now correctly sets the tempo.
      • updated remote control preset for Tranzport. This allows shift-rotary knob to control the jukebox volume when jukebox is active.
      • Expanding loops no longer duplicates special bank and program events. This could cause hiccups during playback to some devices.
      • A crash could have occurred if notes were pending to be sent to a Virtual Instrument during document open.
      • Miscellaneous bug fixes and other enhancements.

Read more about Metro here.
Price: $69.99

"Metro is a fast-operating, easy-to-learn high-powered sequencer for the design of professional audio projects. It stands alone as a complete and integrated MIDI, audio and video production system." Via