Sequencer: XT Software - energyXT2 v2.0.7

XT Software releases version 2.0.7 of the great sequencer, energyXT. Here are the changes:
- Adding notes to MIDI part after gluing two ghost parts could sometines crash, now fixed
- Saving project to new folder/location on disk will now copy over all samples, not only those located in audio folder
- Audio in on Mac
- Saving a project will now use a "temp file" while writing to disk. In case anything goes wrong (crash, freeze, lock-up), the old project file will not be overwritten/corrupted.
- You can now use alt-right-click to slice samples inside audio parts with multiple events
- Split multi-event audio part would cut off sample on right side of split location, now fixed
- Added external MIDI out on Mac
- Right-click popup menu on second monitor would show menu on first monitor, now fixed

Price: 49 euro Full version, 19 euro Light version.
Read more about energyXT2 here.
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"It's a fully fledged power- house of a sequencer" Via