Sounds: Six New Sample Libraries Released From MotionSamples

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MotionSamples releases 6 new sample libraries. You can find loops and samples with Hip Hop Pianos and Organs, Proggy House Drum Fills, R&B Guitar Fills, Minimal Electro Loops, Groove Theory Loops and Synergy Trance Loops. They cost between 25-40 dollar.

Hip Hop Pianos & Organs

Over 200 loops of Hip Hop piano and organ melodies recorded live and from outboard keyboards. Whether you’re a samplehead or not so great keyboardist, this original collection offers endless cold hooks and chords to sample from or drop into your beats. This is an unregretful collection for the truest east and west coast Hip Hop producers.

  • Over 200 Loops

  • 16bit Wave

  • 82-100 Bpm

  • $30 US

Proggy House Drum Fills

An essential loop library for house producers that’s packed with 450 drum fills for creating various styles of progressive house music. Our focus was to design quality loops by recording from original drum machines and live instruments to create a unique sound that will instantly punch up your beats. The library contains simple and full loops of hi hat grooves, effected snares, percussions, drumsynths and effects that can be layered to get a groove going in no time. Whether you prefer the less minimal sound or like driving percussive rhythms you’ll find much use for this collection for all your productions.

  • 450 Loops

  • 16bit Waves

  • 124-130 Bpm

  • $40 US

R&B Guitar Loops

A Hitmaker’s collection of over 300 multi-loops of funky and glamorous melodies for producing R&B/Pop beats. The multi-loop format provides you with variations of harmonies and strumming styles so you can layer loops to make big catchy hooks! Included are recordings of luscious chords, wah wah licks, distortion hooks and endless riffs effected with delays and reverb. You will not find a better collection anywhere and is just so good that we call it a sample treasury.

  • Over 300 Loops

  • 16bit Wave

  • 62-102 Bpm

  • $40 US

Minimal Electro Loops

Over 200 micro-groove loops designed for creating that swinging rhythm found in minimal and electro music. The sound sequences are a mixed blend of ring-modulated drums and processed synthesizers that together create a unique style of patterns that are ideal for filling in your beats.
If you like heavy shuffled rhythms and futuristic sounds, this is it!

  • Over 300 Loops

  • 16bit Wave

  • 62-102 Bpm

  • $25 US

Groove Theory Drum Loops

Take the professional approach and be creative by mixing live drums into your beats for more realism, dynamics and sound quality. This collection offers 400 groovn’ drum loops recorded from 30 live drum sessions that are broken down into segments of bass drums, hi-hats, snares, toms, room mics and effected sounds. You can use them as fills, sample from them or even take it to the next level and remix them to your preference. A great value for your money and essential for creating classic urban grooves.

  • 400 Loops

  • 16bit Wave

  • 86-102 Bpm

  • $35 US

Synergy Trance Loops

Synergy Trance loops is the evolving sound in the scene that features 350 multi-loops layered numerous times with harmonies and automated ambience to create the most unique sounding melodies. The sounds include tremolo pads, complex arpeggios, filtered synths and modular ambience recorded into 4-8 multi-loops for more creative options on key changes, pattern sequences and fx automation. Consider it the anomaly of synth loops and truly an unregretful buy for Trance producers.

  • 350 Multi-Loops

  • 16bit Wave

  • 136-140 Bpm

  • $40 US

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