Synthesizer: Alphakanal - Automat 1.0b build 27 / Mac / Universal / Free

alphakanal automat

Alphakanal updates the great free synth for Mac OS X, Automat to version 1.0b build 27.
The latest changes:

  • 23.03.08 (build27) : Added first version of MONO and LEGATO mode
  • 21.03.08 (build26) : Updated reverb code. Fixed "distorted font " bug
  • 26.02.08 (build25) : Fixed the "scrambled audio" bug with multiple instances of automat
  • 19.02.08 (build24) : Fixed "kill audio on parameter change" bug
  • 17.02.08 (build23) : Fixed "drop settings while re-opening the gui window" bug
  • 24.01.08 (build22) : Added Mod2Mod feature to the four effect modulators
  • 22.01.08 (build21) : Added Mod2Mod feature to the first ten (per voice) modulators
  • 19.01.08 (build20) : Added new ladder filter, fixed preset saving, fixed midi learn
  • 12.01.08 (build19) : Added new formant filter with resonance

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"Automat is a polyphonic stereo subtractive Audio Unit software synthesizer for Mac OS X." Via