Synthesizer: Audjoo - Helix beta version 2008-04-02 / Pc / Mac / Universal / Free

 audjoo helix

Audjoo unveils a new beta version of the great FREE synth Helix. Changes in this version (2008-03-02) are:
The smallest sliders are scaled up slightly. Filter Resonance is a modulation source. Different filter types are grouped in tabs and colour coded. EQ has properly labeled parameters. Improvement to the Limiter filter type (attack depends on the "speed" parameter) Virtual Analog PWM oscillator. (perfect to use as a sub-oscillator) Improvements to the Noise Generator (proper modulation, stereo-noise) Improvement to Phase Mod, Ring Mod and Amplitude Mod filter modes (use a pure sine wave). Improvement to Phase Modulation filter, is now low pass filtering its input.
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"Forty two modulation slots. Each with one source, two destinations and a scale-source. For instance: One LFO can modulate the pitch of two oscillators, and the amount can be scaled by the modulation wheel. This would take up one slot." Via