Synthesizer: Odo Synths - 38911 Bytes

38911 Bytes

Odo Synths has released 38911 Bytes, a new synth based on Commodore 64. Some of the features:

1 oscillator with 4 difftent waveforms
3 BPM sequencer with 7 rates and 2 to 8 steps
A filter with envelope from 1 to 8 stages and 13 curves you can select where you want your sustain point
Cutoff and resonance and a on/off button to save some CPU 
A pitch envelope from 1 to 8 stages
A PW envelope from 1 to 8 stages
Two big lfos with 19 different waveforms and free speed or 14 bpm speeds
Ringmodulation with a bitcrucher
A Bitcrusher
Volume envelope

38911 Bytes is donationware. It works, but you can not turn the nobs before you donate.


"Again a c64 (commodore 64 base synth)" Via