Beat Slicer: L i v e l a b . d k - LiveSlice 1.47

live slice

Livelab updates the Windows beat slicer LiveSlice to version 1.47. Changes in this version:

new features and changes

    * REX import
    * Resizable file browser
    * Faster GUI and a new "lofo GUI" for smooth operation on older machines
    * Improved waveform display: visualizes both the average and the loudest frequency so there's a visual difference between a bassdrum with or without hihat - even when the hihat is quiet.
    * More midi automation options: slicing and recording can now be controlled by midi
    * Time signature support, durations in bars + beats in both slicer and arranger.
    * clicking the "play" button now results in a monophonic preview mode
    * Loops list no longer auto-scrolls on click
    * Removed the "clear event" feature
    * Middle mouse now deletes events if no parameter is selected, and resets parameters if a parameter is selected
    * it's now possible to reset event parameters by clicking and dragging with middle mouse button down.


    * Better sorting in file browser
    * Refresh after Ctrl+V an Event - now stays on the destination track
    * Refresh after Adding a Track - now displays the new track
    * Refresh track selection after Deleting a Track
    * Refresh track selection after Re-opening LS
    * right click to toggle default values are back
    * "Lock to loop" setting is now correctly recalled when opening projects
    * graphical waveforms always removed when loop is deleted
    * some bugs when changing MIDI config details fixed
    * fixed "Changing banks, selects another arrangement"
    * fixed "missing file" dialog bug
    * more minor bug fixes

Price: 49.95 euro
Read more about LiveSlice here.

"With up to 256 slice on each loop liveslice is as much a granular synthesizer as a beat slicer. As you can also sequence notes you can do simple melodic arrangements too (bases and arps)." Via