DAW: Ableton - Ableton Live 7.0.5

ableton live 7

Ableton updates the king of DAW / Sequencer - Live to version 7.0.5. Changes this time:


Updated manuals.

Updated texts.

When switching the Library to a folder on a different hard drive, a message box appears asking if the current library should copied to the new location too.

Bug fixes:

Playing the “Clavibell.adg” preset from Puremagnetic Wavebase package could lead to a crash.

Live could crash if the root dir of a file browser is set to a non-existing directory.

Folders below the current selected Library folder or the current project could not be bookmarked.

The message box with the information about the installed packages would miss a scrollbar if many packages would be installed.

In Sampler, pan would not working properly.

Duplicate an audio track containing a clip with certain envelopes could lead crash Live.

Grouping a top level effect device that has any of its parameters macro-mapped would crash Live.

Price: EUR 419/USD 499
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