DAW: Cockos - REAPER 2.202 / Pc / Pro / Free


Cockos releases version 2.202 of the great uncrippled shareware DAW - Reaper. Changes in this version are:

* Actions to set/move markers 1-10, mapped to Ctrl+0-9
* Actions: Record: start new files during recording, add recorded media, remove recorded media
* Actions: Stop recording saving all media, deleting all media
* Recording mode where files are added at each loop now does not gap playback
* better playback behavior when editing/undoing edits of master playspeed envelope
* ReaPitch: option to autocorrect master playrate pitch
* ReaVocode: increased max bands, optimizations
* made Transport: Apply play rate to current BPM reset play rate to 1.0 by default (old version is deprecated for macro use)
* Right click on playrate controls allows you to configure "preserve pitch on playrate change" for items, fader range
* FX windows, routing, undo history now numpad 0-9, and F1-F12 through to main window when active
* VST: new nifty routing-matrix-ish plug-in I/O selector
* VST: better support for some plugins that send MIDI
* API fixes for track I_RECINPUT/P_NAME updates refreshing track panels
* peak files on network drives and removeable media will automatically not be memory mapped
* disk read code now allows files to be written while open (to allow other apps to update opened media)
* better support for files on network shares that become unavailable
* fixed peak display errors for mp3 files
* project directory cleanup now shows path, explore button (to browse the project media directory)

Price: From $50.00 USD
Read more about Reaper here.
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REAPER is uncrippled unexpiring shareware.

"REAPER is full featured, but small and FAST. It starts and closes fast, and is easily installed on new systems or on portable drives. Despite being lightweight, it can still utilize heavyweight hardware (including multiple CPU cores, network computers, and add-in DSP cards)." Via