Drums: rayzoon technologies - Jamstix 2.2.1

Rayzoon updates the virtual drummer Jamstix to version 2.2.1. Quite a few changes this time:

# fixed 'faulty host data' error for some users
# fixed CPU spikes with GUI open for some users
# fixed multi-core issues with certain hosts
# fixed 'No Disk Exception Processing Message C0000013' message for some users
# fixed 'Turn Groove Into Style' not working correctly for most users
# fixed some issues with Cubase 4
# fixed controller mapping error on classic kick/snare controls probability slider
# the 'Groove Importer' no longer uses non-groove notes (accents/fills) when using JS2 format
# 'Jamstix Classic' style now uses simplified hihat controls
# improved bar line auto-scroll behavior
# hihat pedal notes are now suppressed if there is a hihat cymbal event on the same tick due to groove/accent/fill blending
# fill generator double kick and snare ghosting sliders now show percentage on mouse-over
# added 'Paste New Part' to part menu to allow pasting into a new part rather than an existing one

Read  more about Jamstix here.

Price: From 99 dollar

"This ground-breaking virtual drummer VSTi runs synchronized with your sequencer and features in-depth real-time modeling of various styles as well as human drummers with their own habits, accents and fill characteristics. Together, they can create thousands and thousands of realistic drum performances, each one editable down to the last hit thanks to the built-in limb-centric bar editor." Via