Effect: apulSoft - apEQ 1.3.0

apulSoft releases a new version of the software equalizer / analyzer effect, apEQ. Version 1.3.0 has these changes:

– Added saving a default init preset.
– Added zoom to the analyzer and the filter display.
– Doubled the FFT resolutions.
– Improved handle appearance and behaviour for filters outside the viewed area.
– Improved analyzer calculations to produce a more steady cpu load.
– Improved the downsampling filter of the 4x oversampler.
– Faster analyzer graph drawing.
– BUGFIX: Notch filters drew wrong if they were outside the viewed area.
– BUGFIX: The mousewheel did not work on windows.
– BUGFIX: Preset names did not show up in Digital Performer.

Price: €49
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"High precision equalizer/analyzer. Create and edit filters on top of a high resolution analyzer display. No compromise quality: 64 bits with oversampling." Via