Effect: Eiosis - E²Transienter


Eiosis presents E²Transienter, a transient processing plugin.

Some of the features:

    * Separate attack detection and attack processing
    * Precise and reactive, level independent attack detection
    * Sidechain filter with Low Cut and High Cut filters, or a Bandpass filter
    * Numerous presets for easy and efficient instant use 
    * Ultra reactive triggering and ultra short gating of the transients
    * Advanced L/R and M/S detection and processing options
    * Automatic input gain compensation to prevent output clipping
    * Several attack filter types: Bell, Shelf, Low Pass with hi-Q settings, special Loudness filter
    * Adjustable retriggering time sensitivity to select only main attacks

The E²Transienter will be available in May 2008.


"The E²Transienter brings a unique, simple and powerful approach to transient processing. In fact it is far more than a simple transient designer, and it can be used in many situations, including high demanding mastering jobs." Via