Effect Instrument: SUGAR BYTES - Effectrix 1.0.1


Sugar Bytes updates the effect instrument Effectrix to version 1.0.1.

-Vowel Mode fixed in Filter Effect
-FL Studio problems fixed
-Rtas Wrapper problems fixed
-Tempo control recall fixed
-Decay mode fixed in Looper Effects
-Size display fixed in Looper Effects
-Dry/Wet leveling improved in Looper Effects
-Retrigger behavior improved (now retriggers on seq-wraparound)
-Bypass fixed in Audio Unit
-Monotrack compatibility for Audio Unit
-Sync behavior improved in Stutter Effect
-Stop Mode improved in Vinyl Effect
-Wavescope fixed
-Grafical improvements

Price: 99,-EUR / 129,-USD.

Read more about Effectrix here.

"Break your beats, create pulsing athmospheres, psychedelic sound mutations, crush, stretch, loop and reorganize any kind of audiomaterial in realtime and enjoy a never ending depth of inspiration with this innovative and intuitive tool brought to you by Sugar Bytes." Via