Effect: Virsyn - VTAPE 1.2

Virsyn releases version 1.2 of  The Analog Tape Suite VTAPE. Changes in this version:

- Surround effect delay. 
- VST3 compatibility. 
- Multichannel capabilities up to 10.2 (VST3 / AU / RTAS). 
- Independent level control for each tap. 
- Delay: Multichannel Mixer. 
- Delay: Input link function for multichannel delay. 
- Saturator: automatic gain compensation. 
- AU: Flanger position automation not working. 
- Compatibility problem with Cubase 4.x/PSP 42 solved. 
- Delay: Output gain doesn't work as expected. 

Read more about VTAPE here.
Price: 169.- EUR


"VTAPE is a set of three plugins based on a thorough simulation of the famous sound of analog tape machines." Via