Programming Tool: Outsim - SynthMaker 1.1

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Version 1.1 of the audio programming tool Synthmaker from Outsim has been released. The HUGE change list with new Features & Fixes:

Additions and Fixes

- Added new triggered FFT and iFFT components plus converters for complex to magnitude and phase
- New Additive Oscillator module
- New components for finding the MAC address and Hard Disk id of the host PC
- Midi reinitialising is much faster now
- Fixed a problem that was causing the compiled code to reach the defined limit
- The Init stage was not being run after a relink which was affecting the behaviour of some exported VSTs
- Fixed a possible crash due to the Signal Analyser not compiling correctly on loading
- Fixed some window repainting issues particularly when using external MIDI controllers
- Fixed a problem with the code limit being reached sometimes when using Signal Analysers
- Dragging (and drag selecting) modules that have been copied or are synced is much faster now in large schematics
- Changed the loading message so that it indicates when SynthMaker is updating after loading
- The Multi LFO and Multi OSC modules now use the full sawtooth not the half bandwidth version in the Square wave
- Module syncing now takes account of the position of items. This was causing strange positional displacements.
- Performing the Make module command on selections containing a selector was sometimes losing links and types
- Buses passing streams were sometimes being set up with the incorrect types resulting in undefined numbers
- Fixed a problem in drawing for the GraphLines component that was causing audio glitches
- Fixed a bug in the IntArray component which caused crashes when assigning ints
- Fixed a an infinite loop caused by chaining modules with no insts inside them
- Fixed the sync in the wave table read component
- Fixed a problem with changing presets in Live and also crashing when looping notes
- Changed the behaviour of the PALines component so that it treats the X and Y axis input data the same
- Deleted the unused components from the Push Button module
- Stopped the MIDI Splitter component from sending triggers when sysex events are received
- The Float Inverse component now returns zero instead of minus zero when zero is input
- Updated all slider modules to set the mouse hidden option according to fine tune so the slider doesn't stop when moving in this mode
- Set the default number of steps to 5 and the default value to 0.5 in all knobs and sliders
- Fixed a problem with fistp not colouring correctly in the assembler component
- Fixed a problem with crashing in Reaper when switching presets
- Corrected a bug in the mix part of the Reverb module
- Fixed a memory overwrite problem in the stream pitch to freq component
- Corrected a problem which occurs when morphing presets in exported VSTs in Orion Platinum
- New option to include or remove DC offset when processing waves
- Added a new resample component
- The Selector component title now reads Selector and not Select
- Fixed a bug in the Bus that was causing held notes with envelopes when outputs are not connected at a Bus End
- Fixed an audio glitch problem with the Float Array Sample and Hold component
- The Is Editor Open component wasn't working in exported VSTs
- Made an improvement to editing speed in the Assembler component
- Fixed a Redraw glitch which was causing the background to sometimes disappear in some exported VSTs
- The andps opcode was not highlighting correctly the Assembler component when the 2nd parameter was a register
- Fixed an infinite loop caused by relinks and triggers through a bus
- Fixed a problem caused by deleting sub modules that are displayed on an open properties panel above. Saving would then result in warning messages on reload. This would also cause a crash on close.
- Sometimes deleted sub modules containing property items were not being reflected if the propertied panel was open
- Fixed a crash that could occur when dragging modules into a schematic which contain selectors or multiplexers that work on stream data
- Fixed a bug in copy and paste that was causing crashes
- Added a new Wave Read Hop component to allow you to do more efficient reads when a per sample lookup is not necessary
- The old Wave Table Read component now uses the new code for better compatibility - no need to replace the component now
- The Wave Display component now initialises after loading
- Added an extra input to the Wave Table primitive to allow you to preserve the DC component instead of setting it to zero
- Made some changes to improve stability when loading presets from text files
- Corrected a graphical glitch that shows up when using exported plugins that open a File Dialog
- Superceded components now show with a red and white border so you can identify them & the help text provides extra clarification
- MIDI messages were being sent out incorrectly to external devices if the channel was set to zero
- Adding a Readout module under certain conditions was causing a crash
- The sample index counter stored in ecx was being reset after each buffer pass
- Changed the mono readout to use mono to float
- Fixed some graphical glitches preventing redraws in certain circumstances in some hosts
- In an exported VST, after a relink (caused by selector changes in stream sections) strange audio drop outs or peaks could occur
- The Search Bar now searches through the help text of a component or module
- MIDI to Poly module updated to provide a better portamento range
- Corrected an issue that was causing crashes in some hosts when adding float arrays

New Components

- iFFT
- Real/Img to Magnitude/Phase
- Magnitude/Phase to Real/Img
- Float Array Resample
- MAC Address
- Hard Disk Serial
- Wave Read Hop
- De-zipper

New Modules

- Additive Osc

Updated Modules

- Reverb
- Multi LFO
- Multi OSC
- Animated Knob
- Bitmap Knob
- Readout Knob
- Split Knob
- Vector Knob
- Push Button
- Horizontal Slider
- Vector Slider
- Vertical Slider
- MIDI to Poly
- Mono Readout
- De-zipper
- Plus all modules that use de-zippers

Personal Edition £65 / €95 / $133
Standard Edition £125 / €185 / $255

Read more about Synthmaker here.

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