Sequencer: Sagan Technology - Metro

Sagan Technology updates the Mac sequencer Metro to version Changes:

    • Improved Core Audio compatibility.
    • Arpeggiator has a new "spread" slider allowing among other things, guitar like strumming.
    • The left and right arrow keys can now be used to rotate the arpeggiator pattern in the keyboard window.
    • Many other arpeggiator improvements.
    • Dragging bar lines is now possible during playback.
    • Rendering a soloed track results in the new track being soloed and the old track being un-soloed.
    • It is now possible to automate and edit Aux buss return pan and volume.
    • Shift now affects all automation on audio tracks.
    • Total remaining time is now an option in the jukebox window.
    • Help tags added to portions of the jukebox and effects windows.
    • Auto audio shut off for audio/MIDI tracks. This means that Metro will now remember and relate the 'none' audio input setting on a track to a Virtual Instrument (VI). This setting is then restored when the VI is instantiated. The setting is remembered internally similarly to the contextual menu settings in the plug-ins window, i.e. in the SaganTechHostPluginInfo file.
    • The maximum external MIDI ports has been increased from 32 to 128.
    • Command-up and Command-down arrow keys now transpose notes when in drum views.
    • The list event editor maintains its start time when changing the event filter.
    • It is now possible to cancel searching for missing audio files by pressing the 'esc' key.
    • A possible crash could occur when attempting to shift frozen audio data.
    • Arpeggiator latching is automatically ended when playback stops.
    • Expand, as of version 6.4, was not adding outputs as necessary.
    • Punch in track would not play before the punch in recording point and the record light was not flashing.
    • Using the '[' and ']' keys to select previous and next notes now wrap correctly in both directions.
    • Software play through was not being enabled during playback (track inserts only).
    • Software play thru could be errantly get muted in certain cases including if there was a count off.
    • A problem with automation could occur if multiple sample rates were used in a document.
    • On the fly recording (record pressed during playback) works correctly now.
    • Selection filter presets were not working in some cases depending on PPQ settings.
    • Incoming MIDI notes were not recorded correctly if sysex was being sent out at the same time.
    • Copying and pasting automation from an aux track was not always working.
    • Clicking on the search window in the jukebox could cause a crash if there were no items listed.
    • If audio devices were changed it was possible that the audio input select menu would check default items incorrectly.
    • If Section Events were looped, tempo changes occurring after the end of the song were not being accounted for (e.g. in the case of cue looping).
    • A crash could have occurred if plug-in presets were mapped to program changes.
    • In some cases audio would initially be audible when recording over it.
    • A MIDI Server crash that could occur with certain MOTU MIDI drivers has been worked around.
    • Playback is no longer stopped after punch-in end if the 'stop playing at punch-in end' is not checked in the punch-in dialog.
    • Expanding track loops was not working correctly if the track loop did not start at the beginning of the track.
    • Plug-in editor sizes were not always being restored properly when a document was opened.
    • The text in the set selection dialog would appear with a black background on occasion under Leopard (10.5).
    • Software Audio Through would not play through the master effects chain in certain cases.
    • Effect parameter text labels no longer run into each other in the generic VST editor.
    • Changing the sidechain pre/post setting now takes affect immediately.
    • Better compatibility with VST's that do not know their editor sizes until after they are opened, e.g. Helix.
    • Miscellaneous bug fixes and other enhancements.

    Read more about Metro here.
    Price: $69.99

"Metro is a fast-operating, easy-to-learn high-powered sequencer for the design of professional audio projects. It stands alone as a complete and integrated MIDI, audio and video production system." Via