Synthesizer: rs-met - Straightliner 0.6.5 beta / Pc / Free


rs-met updates the subtractive synthesizer for Windows, Straightliner to version 0.6.5 beta. Changes:

-preset was not remembered between GUI closing/re-opening - fixed
-clicks on note-off when 'Level by velocity' was nonzero - fixed
-responds to sustain-pedal now
-responds to all-notes-off now
-automation via MIDI has been implemented (based on MIDI learn and setting lower/upper controller limits)
-shape slider is grayed out where it does not apply
-behaviour of sliders changed (right click opens MIDI automation context menu instead of resetting the value to default - reset to default is now via ctrl-click (unfortunately, it grabs keyboard focus then as well - so consider this as preliminary))
-more presets, more waveforms
-on load of a new waveform, the waveform display didn't reflect M/S and pan settings - fixed
-levels > 2 were not shown in the sliders - fixed
-sometimes the grids were shown although grid-buttons were unpressed - fixed
-there was no loop, when the loop end was the very last breakpoint - fixed
-important parts of the envelope generator re-programmed (hopefully for the better)
-tweaking the 'Time Scale' parameter during holding a note is now directly reflected in the sound (well, when is hits the next breakpoint at least)

Price: FREE beta version. Commercial release is expected later this year.
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