Audio Editor: Audacity version 1.3.5 beta released / Pc / Mac / Universal / Linux / Free

A new version of the excellent free audio editor Audacity has been released. Version 1.3.5 has these changes:

Recording / Playback

        * Several bugs fixed so that latency correction should be better, and more devices work correctly.
        * Problems with invalid sample rates under Linux should be much rarer.
        * Newer version of Portaudio library.
        * New feature to record onto the end of an existing track (hold Shift while clicking Record).

Import / Export

        * Updated versions of Libogg, Libvorbis, Libflac, Libsndfile and Twolame libraries.
        * Handling of unsupported file formats more informative.
        * Handling of file names with slashes on OS X improved.
        * New dialog allows replacement of illegal file name characters on all platforms.


        * Improved scaling and layout for rulers and VU meters.
        * Envelope fixes/improvements including full control of undo/redo.
        * New keyboard shortcuts and improved menu navigation.
        * Preferences:
              o More intuitive tab arrangement.
              o New options for mute/solo and Metadata Editor behavior.
              o Language can now be changed without restart.
        * Expanded Build Information tab.


        * New Vocal Remover plug-in, improvements for Generate effects.


        * Fixes when building Audacity with libraries disabled.
        * Improvements to make Mac and Solaris builds easier.


        * Full fix for issue CVE-2007-6061 on systems where temporary directories can be changed by other users (thanks to Michael Schwendt).


        * Updated translations for many locales.
        * Several stability improvements.

Read more about Audacity here.


"Audacity is free, open source software for recording and editing sounds. It is available for Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, GNU/Linux, and other operating systems." Via