Audio Editor: Monkey Tools - Sound Grinder Pro

sound grinder pro

Monkey Tools launches Sound Grinder Pro, a audio editor / batch processor for Mac. Features:

    * Sophisticated processing engine for speed and stability.
    * One window design.
    * Customizable list view.
    * Resizable control section.
    * Rapid Convert providing in-Finder file conversion.
    * Unattended processing mode.
    * Multiple error logging levels.
    * Unicode support.

    * Comprehensive conversion engine.
    * Droplets for drag-n-drop processing.
    * AU and VST plugin support.
    * Multi-channel file support.
    * RMS and Peak normalizing.
    * Advanced naming options.
    * User presets.
    * "Retain Folder Structure" option.
    * Naming options for Pro Tools compatibility with split audio files.
    * Pull-up/pull-down sample rates.
    * Custom sample rates.
    * 31 character name limit support.

    * Mutli-channel editing.
    * Movie Preview while editing.
    * Waveform overview with advanced selection options.
    * Sample-level editing
    * Resizable channel waveform view
    * Support for fades/loops/markers/regions.
    * Auto-trimming.
    * Auto-regioning with naming.
    * Region exporting
    * Comprehensive edit actions.

    * Metadata batch-processing.
    * Copy metadata from selection
    * Support for Finder/Spotlight comments.
    * Support for ID3 tags, Vorbis Comments, FLAC Comments, and Quicktime User Data.
    * All metadata viewable in the list view.

    * Preview process settings.
    * Full playback control including scrubbing.
    * Playback slider.
    * Loop playback.
    * Quicktime movie video preview.

Price: $299.00


"Sound Grinder Pro was also built as a companion to your DAW workstation with advanced naming, metadata processing, and drag-n-drop importing into Pro Tools or other DAW software. We invite you to try Sound Grinder Pro today and see how it can make a difference in your production environment!" Via