DAW: Ableton - Ableton Live 7.0.7

ableton live 7

Ableton updates the fabulous DAW / Sequencer - Live to version 7.0.7. Changes since 7.0.5:


Updated manuals

Updated texts

Updated lesson package

Suppressing unnecessary question about "stop audio" on document close.

Bug fixes:

Running the “Analyze audio” command from the context menu of the File Browser would only create .asd files if the respective Preferences option was set to “On”. Now “Analyze audio” is independent of the preferences option.

On Mac OS X, the date in Live's File Browser would not reflect daylight savings time.

Under certain conditions, the pad of a Drum Rack would have a “sticky” hotswap button until mousing over that pad again.

The progress bar for consolidating could sometimes show values greater than 100%.

When switching the MIDI input sources of a track, pitchbend values would not be reset.

MIDI mapping the transpose parameter of an audio clip could lead to not quantized values.

Sending of MIDI Song Position Pointer message beyond bar 1025 would lead to incorrect behavior and different behavior on Mac OS X and Windows.

Under certain conditions, the Operator and Sampler envelopes could go out of sync. We provide a Options.txt entry called “_AdsrRepeatQuantizeTo16th” to restore the previous behavior.

Certain Live sets originally created on Mac OS X and containing Audio Units within the chain of a Rack would crash when opening on Windows.

The display of a Mackie Control-based surface controller would not be updated when several sections of the Simpler or Sampler instrument were switched off or on.

The display of a Mackie Control-based surface controller would not be updated after renaming a particular device.

The LFO sync rate parameter of the Sampler would not be available as a clip envelope.

The time range display of the render dialog would not reflect an Arranger selection with a time signature change.

Even if all external device tracks were frozen, rendering would still happen in real-time.

Deleting an audio file within Live's Browser which was currently being previewed was not possible.

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"Live offers two main viewsthe Session View and the Arrangement Viewthat interact in a powerful and unique way, allowing you to create, produce and perform your music all in a single application." Via