DJ Mixing: Algoriddim - djay 2.1


Algoriddim releases version 2.1 of the audio mixing and scratching software for Mac - djay. Looks kinda cool scratching with the Laptop Trackpads!

The turntable-style digital audio player djay uses the trackpads built into Mac notebooks. With multi-finger trackpad gestures, users can scratch songs, apply effects, and crossfade just as you would on a real turntable and mixer.

A variety of actions can be performed using multi-finger gestures. Sliding two fingers horizontally operates djay’s crossfader, perfectly matching the motion used to control traditional mixers. Moving two fingers up and down scratches the record just like on a turntable, perfectly in sync with the hand motion. Even advanced features like scrubbing, pitch-bend, and speed adjustment can be performed using finger gestures in combination with keystrokes.

The two-finger gestures are supported on all Mac notebooks featuring two-finger scrolling, making the feature available to most users with iBook, PowerBook, MacBook or MacBook Pro computers. Users of the MacBook Air and the latest MacBook Pro can use additional three-finger gestures to backspin the record or perform djay’s built-in song transitions.

Pricing and Availability:
djay 2.1 is available for EUR 39.99 or $49.99. A demo version is available.
Read more about djay here.


"New version of algoriddim's software, djay 2, revolutionizes digital DJing with scratching, mixing and more on multi-touch notebook trackpads" Via