Drum Sampler: SuperDrumFX 1.3 / Pc / Free


Denis Eismann updates SuperDrumFX (SDFX) - a free software drum sampler for Windows. Version 1.3 has these changes:


- The SDFX Library path is now adjustable
=> the position of the SuperDrumFX Drum Sample Library is not important anymore
=> there is no need for fxb patches to install the SDFX Library elsewhere on your hard drive
=> better compatibility with some DAW-Systems like Cubase

- The Cymbal-, Ride- and HiHat-Slots now supporting choking
(mute a still sounding note by squeezing the rim portion of the cymbal pads)

- Implementation of a special, adjustable MIDI-Manipulator (Dave Haupt - MIDI Munger)
=> better compatibility with exotic E-Drum hardware

- Adjust overall volume with Master Volume slider

- Trimmed down version 1.3 (without FX-Slot) is still available (SuperDrumFX-Dry v1.3)

- Adapted user manual for version 1.3


- The Roland VDrums Snare Position Control support is fixed now

Read more about SuperDrumFX here.

"The SuperDrumFX (SDFX) is a software drum sampler. The SDFX is freeware and was mainly designed for use with an electronic drum set (e-drum)." Via