Effect: G-Sonique - XBass 4000 L

G-Sonique XBass 4000 L

G-Sonique unveils the XBass 4000 L - a Windows VST effect for enhancing bass frequencies.
Some of the Features:
- A special distorted bass bell filter for a selection of bass spectrum that should be maximally emphasized. It's possible to select wide spectrum of the bass frequencies
- from the deepest sub-basses 15hz to medium-bass frequencies. It's also possible to set a Slope-Q range of the selected frequencies.
- A psychoacoustic circuit called Bass Enhancer that emphasize the intensity of the bass spectrum. It uses the technique of the psychoacoustic algorithms.
- A saturation unit in analog tube style with a possibility to adjust the amount of the bass saturation and the volume of hearable bass saturation.
- Control of the output volume
- Graphical dB meter showing the level of output volume

Price: 15 EUR

"XBass 4000 is a new and unique VST effect plug-in for maximal kick-up of the bass frequencies. The virtual circuits of the XBass 4000 combine the two different algorithms emphasizing the bass spectrum of the track" Via