Effects: KarmaFX Plugin Pack 2.0 released

KarmaFX Plugin Pack

KarmaFX Plugin Pack version 2 has been released. Changes in this version are:

# Added performance improvements.
# Added SSE3 code path and memory optimizations to Reverb plugin.
# Plugin dll's are now compressed for faster load times.
# Individual version numbers for the plugins have been removed.
# The plugin pack now includes an (optional) 15 page User's Manual in PDF format.
# Equalizer has been extended with optional Low and High shelving and an extreme 36/48/96dB boost switch. (Thanks Outside Context Problem)
# Bugfix: Automating many parameters simultaneously could malfunction in all plugins. Fixed. (Thanks Buckley!)
# Bugfix: Equalizer mode was not computed consistently which made it possible to select 24dB but get 12dB. Fixed. (Thanks Outside Context Problem)
# Bugfix: Equalizer GUI Alt-moving sliders has been improved and an Alt-Shift tilt option has been added. (Thanks Outside Context Problem)
# Bugfix: Equalizer filters modified and extended to 64 bit to reduce quantization noise. (Thanks Outside Context Problem)
# Bugfix: Equalizer filters weren't reset when going from inactive to active state. Fixed.
# Bugfix: Equalizer's gain and mix parameters are now interpolated more to avoid zipper noise.
# Bugfix: Equalizer on/off LED switch could cause unneccesary clicking. Fixed.
# Bugfix: Filter's cutoff frequencies shown in the GUI were inaccurate. Fixed.
# Bugfix: Fixed tiny memory leak in GUI code in all plugins.
# Bugfix: Fixed overflow bug in Reverb when using high damping values.


KarmaFX Filter: A simple filter plugin
KarmaFX Deelay: A tempo controlled stereo delay.
KarmaFX Equalizer: A digital 31 band graphic stereo equalizer.
KarmaFX Reverb: A digital stereo reverb.

KarmaFX Plugin Pack is donationware.

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