Filter: de la Mancha - sfilter / PC / Free


de la Mancha unveils the free filter plugin for Windows - sfilter. Feature:

- tempo-sync step sequencer, with 2 to 32 steps over a sequence length of 2 to 32 beats
- resonant variable filter, LP, HP, BP and notch
- filter cut-off varies between upper and lower cut-off values, in either direction
- tempo sync LFO, with 6 waveforms and settings from 1/16 beat to 96 beats
- random swing for step sequencer
- wet/dry mix control
- midi CC and midi learn

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"sfilter creates a stepped filtered sequence, to create gating, sweeps or rhythmic modulation of filter cut-off. It uses a variable state filter, varying between 2 adjustable cut-off values according to a tempo-sync'd step sequencer. An LFO can also modulate the filter for extra movement" Via