Modular Software: Sensomusic - Usine 3.64a / Usine VST 3.64a beta 13 / Pc / Pro / Free

Sensomusic updates Usine - a modular software for live and studio work for Windows, to version 3.64a and the VST version to 3.64a beta 13. Here are the changes:

   - new sampler tools in the library
   - multi-banks conductor storage
   - patches on the time line (sequencer mode) keep their position when the master tempo changes
   - the zoom and scrolling in the sequencer is more ergonomic.
   - adjust the precision of values in the step data, midi, line modules
   - new vertical grid in the step data, midi, line modules
   - quantize options on listboxes
   - quantize options on Faders
   - the piano roll cursor position moves after a paste (allows fast duplication)
   - in the piano roll, the File Number change is now immediate (no note are lost)
   - new Option in the setup: a midi/key learn can be applied to all the patches of the a rack.
   - in the interface builder, now you don't need to select the parent patch of a control to make a midi/key learn.
   - midi learn available on on all the bypass switches of the track in racks mode
Fixed Bugs
   - the LFO module sends chaotic values when min=max
   - various display bugs in the piano roll
   - the loop length of the piano roll isn't correctly updated when the file number changes
   - various display bugs with pluggo runtime
   - listbox button value is now stored in the conductor
   - various memory release and crashes problems (VST)
   - in some situations synchro 'restart' button doesn't work properly
   - midi note fader module now sends integer values
   - GUI problem in ReValver (VST)
   - bank changes in EZDrummer
   - various memory crashes problems (VST)

Price: 50 euro. There is also a FREE version available that is fully functional but limited to 1 stereo input, 1 stereo output and 4 tracks.
Read more about Usine here.


"Usine is a real musical instrument, flexible and powerful if you like to transform, resample the sound on stage (not only push the play button of your sequencer!), improvise and create unusual effect." Via