Sequencer: Rosegarden version 1.7.0 has been released / Linux / Free

The cool FREE Audio and MIDI Sequencer for Linux has been updated to version 1.7.0. Changes:

New Features in 1.7.0

   * Track headers in Notation view 

   * Test to see if a newer version is available, to help users stay up to
     date when distros sometimes carry quite old versions 

   * New Welcome dialog that attempts to help you tweak your setup for best

   * Notation: The preferred stem direction in a chord around the middle line
     is down, which better meshes with LilyPond 
   * Notation: The preferred beam position in a beamed group around the
     middle is below 

   * Add icons for Add tempo and Add time signature in NotationView ->
     Composition menu 

   * Move to Staff Above or Staff Below to make sorting out overlapping voice
     parts considerably easier 
   * Radically reformed grace notes now work correctly for the first time in
     Rosegarden's history, and are now easy to use 
   * Sync segments to track parameters (correct clef, transpose notation,
     alter key signatures, highest/lowest playable notes) available as option
     when using the load preset button in the Track Parameters Box, which
     greatly simplifies the process of converting a standard MIDI file into
     notation suitable for real musicians who play transposing instruments

   * "Convert notation for..." function added to notation editor to provide
     another mechanism for using the sync segments functionality 

   * Expanded/corrected instrument presets database 
   * Export markers to LilyPond 

   * Alternative shortcut for Play/Stop in laptop use: Ctrl+Return 

   * New track parameters for exporting square, curly, and nested brackets to
     LilyPond, making it possible to produce true piano notation and complex
     orchestral scores properly for the first time, without hand editing of
     the .ly code. (Replaces the now deprecated "Export staff group bracket"
     option with this new and much more flexible scheme.) 

   * The transport mode setting is now stored with and restored from
     individual compositions

   * Export the new radically reformed grace notes into LilyPond syntax

   * Now ties can finally be flipped (Chris, since rev 8653) and the flipped
     ties exported to LilyPond

   * Arbitrary dynamics exported to LilyPond as markups if they are not on
     LilyPond's list of supported dynamic types

   * Manually repositioned rests (as when rearranging badly rendered
     overlapping voices) are now exported to LilyPond

   * Set a quick playback position marker in the main window with Ctrl+1 and
     recall it with 1 (Philippe, since rev 8705)

   * New variable height tracks finally make working with overlapping
     segments (eg. to contain concurrent voices for notation purposes) an
     easy and reasonable process, instead of the nightmare it has been for

   * Smarter selections in matrix and notation views now allow you to remove
     individual, previously-selected events without beginning the entire
     selection process from scratch (Michael, since rev 8744 (matrix) and
     8748 (notation))

New Documentation

   * Five new informal supplemental tutorials by D. Michael McIntyre:

   * Users Helping Users:

   * Wiki moves from SourceForge to our own site:

Significant bug fixes since 1.6.0

   * Serious overhaul of MIDI import to avoid scrambling karaoke and similar
     files into complete chaos (Chris, since rev 8515)

   * Fix text codec dialog that appears when importing MIDI files with lyrics
     (Chris, since rev 8536)

   * Splitting the segment now really splits the segment (Chris, since rev

   * Track Parameters now displays the correct track (Chris, since rev 8539)

   * No more mysterious zero-length segments on import (Chris, since rev

   * Align lyrics with rests so they appear at the correct time, if only
     lyrics and rests in a segment (Chris, since rev 8541)

   * Fix inability to build without JACK (Flameeyes' Pettenò, since rev 8546)

   * Fix broken pitch chooser dialog to correct accidental display and
     draggability (Arnout and Michael, various revisions since 8555)

   * Replace perpetually broken grace note functionality (Chris, since rev

   * Fix crash when deleting a device that was in use (Chris, since rev 8558)

   * First note after 8va or 15ma section no longer at wrong octave (Chris,
     since rev 8559)

   * Correct display of flipped stems in certain situations (Chris, rev 8560)

   * Repair very tricky ruler bug that prevented the composition from being
     able to start anywhere other than bar 1 (Michael, since rev 8573)

   * Take track transpose into account when recording, move notation by the
     opposite amount, so the end result sounds correctly when played back
     (Michael, since rev 8576)

   * It is now possible to tie notes that have shorter performance durations
     than their display durations (Chris, since rev 8595)

   * Renamed spurious Halve/Double Speed functions to Double/Halve Durations
     and assigned new keybindings (Heikki, since rev 8615)

   * Headers for the files in the Rosegarden library rewritten so that all of
     them show up in everyone's file dialogs (Anders Dahnielson and Michael,
     since rev 8666)

   * The notation view no longer assumes it is always necessary to display a
     time signature, which eliminates a lot of extra time signatures that
     used to have to be hidden by hand (Chris, since rev 8679)

   * Above/below directions of phrasing slurs now exported to LilyPond
     correctly (Michael, since rev 8680)

   * Hidden key signatures ignored during LilyPond export (Michael, since rev

   * Corrected a problem whereby you could edit the second of two markers at
     the same time position, and have the changes apply to the first one at
     that position (Philippe, since rev 8706)

   * Build system tweaks and a fix for building with librdf in an unusual
     location (Pedro, since rev 8829)

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