Sequencer: XT Software - energyXT2 BETA 24 May


XT Software releases yet another beta of the great sequencer, energyXT.

Changes in 24-may - energyXT2.x BETA:

- you can now collapse EQ and FX sections in mixer to minimize vertically space
- new guitar amp effect with clean, crunch and dirty amp types
- added vol/pan control to drum pads
- added the drum mixer as a side panel instead of as a separate view
- fade in/out on audio clip didnt work properly when starting playback in middle of clip
- quick add track menu didnt show VST plugins in alphabetical order, now fixed
- fixed audio recording bug, would not always start recording on some pc
- crash when pressing Tab key while a menu is open, now fixed
- crash after adding new sequencer and showing mixer, now fixed
- pan value box in overlay mode couldnt be set to negative values, now fixed
- open or create new project is not available while recording
- track monitor/midi thru button was on top of solo button, now fixed
- internal delay effect was out of sync after changing sample rate, now fixed
- pressing home key in piano roll didnt update scrollbar, now fixed
- bounce "left to right locator" always added new sample at the beginning of the timeline, now fixed

Price: 49 euro Full version, 19 euro Light version.
Beta version fully working until next or final version.
Read more about energyXT2 here.
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"energyXT2 offers a modular design, but its up to you if you want to use its features or not." Via