Sequencer: XT Software - energyXT2.x BETA 16 May


XT Software releases a new beta version of the innovative sequencer, energyXT. Here are the huge change list:

- You can now add VSTs from right-click on track in sequencer
- You can now add VSTs from right-click on FX slots in mixer
- Added support for normalize audio files
- Duplicate sequencer could sometimes cause a crash, now fixed
- Back space now works also as delete
- Fixed bug with Back space and delete key on MacOSX
- MIDI playback only worked on first arrangement in sequencer, now fixed
- Added loop button in master transporter
- New speedbutton for adding tracks and plugins in sequencer
- New channel strip in sequencer with option to show/hide eq, sends, insert
- Will now zoom in/out at songpos when autoscroll is enabled
- New drum editor
- You can now solo drum sounds
- Added piano keys to Synthesizer
- Export to mp3 (lame)
- Drag & drop mp3 into sequencer, will import mp3 as wav file (lame)
- You can now set fade in/out on samples
- Added option to manually crossfade to samples (shift + x)
- Added bit crusher effect with sample rate degrader
- Added filter effect
- Drum track now has support for send levels on each drum
- You can now beatslice samples in sequencer
- You can now autoslice samples in sequencer
- Added speedbuttons for adding effects on mixer strip

Price: 49 euro Full version, 19 euro Light version.
Read more about energyXT2 here.
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"With features such as no loading-time, all-in-one synth, fx and sequencer, drum machine track, high quality time-stretching/pitch-shifting, REX2 and VST plugin just can't go wrong with energyXT2." Via