Sounds: Ableton Orchestral Instruments

ableton Orchestral Instrument Collection

Ableton announces the release of the Orchestral Instruments - four sampled instrument collections representing the four sections of an orchestra.

Som of the Features:

    * All instruments are meticulously multisampled in a variety of velocities and articulations.
    * All instruments are perfectly integrated into Ableton Live's workflow. Instruments are loaded via Simpler, which is included with Live 7.
    * All instruments take advantage of SmartPriming, Live 7's new resource-efficient sample engine, allowing users to work with an impressive number of instruments in their compositions.
    * Includes special Rack versions of each instrument, with all articulations switchable via a single macro control in real time for maximum playability.
    * Each instrument includes versions for high-quality production and CPU conservation.

The Orchestral Instruments were produced in partnership with SONiVOX.

Pricing and availability:

The Orchestral Instruments are available from the Ableton webshop as of May 5, 2008.

Orchestral Instruments Collection - EUR 499/USD 599

Orchestral Strings - EUR 159/USD 189

Orchestral Brass - EUR 159/USD 189

Orchestral Woodwinds - EUR 159/USD 189

Orchestral Percussion - EUR 129/USD 159


"The Orchestral Instrument Collection brings rich symphony sound to Ableton Live, combining Orchestral Strings, Brass, Woodwinds and Percussion in a comprehensive bundle." Via